We program and adjust all motorcycles with the help of a dynamometer. The latest, most modern technologies are in our hands.

What is motorcycle CHIPTUNING and what is it eaten with.

Generally speaking, this means increasing the motorcycle's power or correcting the engine control program, optimizing it in a software way.

The 2 most frequently asked questions are these (we can't always answer them right away).


How much will it cost to tunet a motorcycle, scooter, quad bike, water, snow, boat engine?

We have no answer to such a question, in order to find out the exact price, it is necessary to provide complete vehicle data:


● Year

●The capacity is declared in the documents

●Region from which imported

●Modifications, if any, have been made

(Exhaust system, air filter, mechanical engine improvements).

●In some cases, a photo of the ECU-ECM engine computer with codes on sticker.

Only then will we be able to tell you the preliminary or exact price of the work. Without the provided data, we do not respond to inquiries, saving your time and ours.


It is impossible to answer this question, because "GAINED POWER" depends not on us, but on how much the model of a specific motorcycle will allow us, its modification and limitations in the engine control unit.

Even for the same model with similar modifications, the result can be completely different. How much will you raise? ANSWER As far as specific technical possibilities allow. We can only give preliminary figures if we have made a specific model with a specific modification in the past, which is on your motorcycle. There is no crystal ball that everything will be clear only after the motorcycle has been run on the dynamometer.

From this point on, read carefully :)

The increase in power on a motorcycle cannot be compared to a car.

The power-to-weight ratio of a motorcycle is many times better than that of a car.


Answer yourself. Do you want ONLY KILOwatts? Or whether to be faster in turns, have a better fuel mixture, what is healthy for the engine, so that the motorcycle is much more pleasant to drive, that it jerks less ,when you release or open the throttle.

YOU want a motorcycle with a lot of HORSES?

Do you want the motorcycle easy to control and that it will act as you command it to do?.

YOU NEED TO PUT JUST A LOT OF KILOWATTS? Or do you need your motorcycle to ride and handle better?

A motorcycle is a very light vehicle, even small increments make a big difference here, due to the power-to-weight ratio. 1 2 5 10 15 kw?

After any increase, the difference will be noticeable, how noticeable? (it's not for us to decide, it's an individual feeling), since all maps of the control program will be adjusted (fuel, ignition, throttle, limiters and all other necessary parameters).

In essence, the numbers are not so important, what matters is how the corrections will be made in the necessary places.


Sound crazy? You are wrong! Yes, it's true, without increasing the so-called PEAK maximum power to more than 1 kw, the motorcycle can change beyond recognition, better torque, even, linear gas response, smoother transition when turning the handle,, all this is possible and often achieved without adding additional power, but simply using it is already hidden engine potential, capabilities and errors are leftof the manufacturer in the engine management program. No manufacturer adjusts the program for each motorcycle individually, it NEVER happened and never will, and does not try to make the best result out of it! WHY? it's not worth it! Due to time and cost. Test versions are made, power is measured and these numbers appear on the motorcycle's passport. The programs are written the same for everyone, according to the ECU code, according to the region, according to the EKO norms of a specific country. Ecology determines everything, all manufacturers must comply with it, due to the noise level. Manufacturers must program in such a way as to squeeze into those norms, as a result of which motorcycle programs are written in such a way as to touch the fuel mixture, which leads to a decrease in power. We all know that working too thin is not healthy