Removing and setting power and speed limiters.

We remove the limiters installed from the factory.

When the power of vehicles is reduced due to ECO regulation, emissions, noise.

We turn off the limiters from the engine control unit, we remove all the limits that do not allow us to use the full potential that is hidden.

The most common restrictions are maximum revolutions, maximum speed, ignition system,fuel system. Often there are combinations with the previously mentioned restrictions.

For example, motorcycles from some EU countries are limited in the 25-35-78kw range.

ATVs and buggies are treated like tractors, so their speed is limited to 60 km/h. Similar, snowmobiles and jet skis such as the BRP.

We remove all restrictions in full or on request up to a certain level.

We work with all manufacturers and their models with an electronic injection system. We program all engine control units, which have the possibility to be modified by software.